Learning portfolio

 Presumed An example of this would have to be the Natural Play WA, which has the name of the organization of the company, it also has the contact information and how you can get in contact with the company, as well you can see that the domain name is also very visible. Reputed With rotten … More Learning portfolio

Fogg’s study

Technology has advance lot over the years, which has made it earlier for small business to promote themselves online like Facebook and Instagram without paying so much. As technology advances the way in which we promote or conduct our information changes so we are kept up to date. Reducing the amount of pop-ups are also … More Fogg’s study


When it comes to Wikipedia it can be a good source for information that might not be relevant for an assignment. Wikipedia is a place where anyone around the world can change the information and up date information if they want just by having an account with them, when looking if the information is credible … More Wikipedia


Credibility is defined as “the quality of being believable or worthy of trust”. Dictionart.com (2016) When it comes to credibility it has two key factors that, join creditability, one is trustworthy and the other is expertise. What some people do is that they join them together to evaluate these two elements to get an overall … More Credibility