When it comes to Wikipedia it can be a good source for information that might not be relevant for an assignment. Wikipedia is a place where anyone around the world can change the information and up date information if they want just by having an account with them, when looking if the information is credible you have to see if it has the three main things to look for like email, phone, address which you don’t see that Wikipedia has on its page and if you want to ask questions to the company you can’t.

Wikipedia’s information changes every single second, also many people that edit the information might not know what they might be talking about and might give you false details, because they might be making them up. Some other places that you should see if the information is creditable are the authors information, the date when the research was done, source like books, scholarly articles, domain websites that finish with .com, .au, .org, site design and writing style, things like poor spelling and grammar are a dead give away if the site is not credible. So next time make sure that you check your website so you get the right information that you need.



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