Aesthetics Examples

when it comes to everyday products they are changing every single time, and example of this would have to be mobile phone and computers. throughout the years mobiles have changed a lot, by the size and the quality, features and the colour of the product. The demand of buying a phones have increased so much that many people now days will have two phone one for work and the other for personal use. A company that has been really successful on selling phone, iPad and computers would have to be Apple. Apple has meet a lot of the aesthetics principles, because every time that they release a new phone they have changes some of the features, colours and battery life, so it does have the principles of aesthetics.

4082854293_d4d9f23caf_oevolution of mobile phones

Computers have changed a lot as well since the first model they are no longer really big. computers have also gotten new features that they didn’t have before, an example of this would have to be the size, speed, wifi, and some are also touch screen. Now days you can also save your work on the cloud in which you can see in other computers or on you phone or tablet. Aesthetics does play a big part in the computer world they have change so much and have kept up to date.


evolution of computers

The internet has also evolved so much that companies have creating website where people can interact with family member and friends around the world. Social media now play a big part in our society. Some of the common social media sites that are very popular are Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Youtube. These site are a way in which we can communicate with family and friend, also by saying whats on your mind and meeting new people. Social media uses the four components of visual communication and the primary principles which are involve in aesthetics.

Social Media Logotype Background

social media


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