Consistency Examples

When it comes to consistency Cars, Food brands, technology and street signs can play a big part in consistency. Some of the things that I’m going to talking about would be car brands, Twitter and Beats (Apple brand) and if they fit the consistency principles.

Car Brands


When it comes to consistency knowing what certain brands are important because when you know about the brandy can trust that its going to be a good quality car. Car companies need to know what audience that they are trying to target so that the car can sell it self, like when you are looking to buy a car you look for certain function. Many companies have certain logo that makes them easy to identify without reading the name of the brand. As you can see that even car companies have principles of aesthetic.


Beats by dre

Beats by dre


When it comes to products know about the brand is good, have a knowledge on what it does and the function it uses. Companies have to make sure how they advises there products so they can sell well and it will determine how well they will sell. Beats by dr has become a well know brand which everyone around the world will have if its either the earphone or speakers. updating the product and adding new features make it better to sell as well and the way they that brand there products does use Consistency principles.




Over the years twitter has become one of the top using social media networks  in todays society. Twitter has made many changes throughout the years to keep up with what there views, some of the things that they have changed would have to be the layout, the first thing you would see you have to be the logo which is easy to point out because its a blue bird, you also have a word limit, which makes giving information quick and short. I do believe that twitter fits the consistency principles because when its updated you have a few changes which you know how to use already and if you don’t know how to use they will show you.


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