Aesthetic usability effects


“Aesthetic design are perceived as easier to use them less-aesthetic design”.

In this weeks article it talks about Aesthetic-usability effects, but what is aesthetic according to this weeks reading aesthetic is described as a “phenomenon in which people perceive more-aesthetic design as easier to use than less-aesthetic design weather they are or not”.

Through out the article it talks about how aesthetic-usability effects are produced in all the products that we are using in todays society, aesthetic are important in products as they play a big part in the way that they are design. One of the things that I’m going to be talking about would be the way in which aesthetic-usability is used in the digital arts.

According to the readings “aesthetic designs can be more effective fostering a positive attitude than an aesthetics design, which can sometime have more design problems”. Lidwell, W. (2003, para 2). One of this might be having a loyalty feeling to the design or to the company that has produced the product, which can evoke affection and patience, which why will stay loyal to the brand for a long period and example being Apple, because when they announce a new phone everyone might start to queu out side the store days before the release date, like it says in the reading “most of this feelings can be retained to products”. Lidwell, W. (2003).

“Aesthetics designs also foster positive relationships with people, making them more tolerant to problems with design”. Lidwell, W. (2003, para 3).

Visual aesthetic is important and you have to make sure that its written well this is because “global culture are innately visual, and visual methods of communication predate written language”, David, A., Glore, P. (2010).

In our daily life technology is playing a big part in visual components, because it allows us to interact with others with visual media, sure as videio games, televistion which has an access to our lives, according to (Glore, P. 2010).

With Web 2.0 we have more access to visual components, things like social networks (wikis, blogs, and vlogs) which are playing a big part in our society. Having any webpage you would need to consider what your layouts are going to be so discussing the consistency, Hierarchy, personality, colour, imagery etc. So for the final product company have a lot to consider, for just a small product.


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